Collection Listings

98X5 (Software)
9845B Introductory Training Cartridge
7970 Tape Utilities for the 9845
IO-AP Binary Cartridge for the 9845
9874 Program cartridge for the 9845
9845B 2780-3780 RJE Terminal Emulator
98X5 Software Recreate Utility
9845 Numerical Analysis
9831A Utilities
9825 System Tests
9845A Exerciser Utility
9845 Linear Programming
9845 Computer Games
9845 - 9874/9872 Demo
9845 Graphic Presentation
9845 Monte Carlo Simulation
9845 Non-Linear Regression
9845 Analysis of Variance
9845 Utility Library
9845 Forecasting
9845 AC Circuit Analysis
9845 Linear Systems Analysis
9845 Terminal Manager
9845 General Statistics
9845 Project Management
9835/45 HPL to BASIC Translator
9845B Utilities II
9845B Basic Statistics and Data Manipulation
9845B Forms Utility
9845 Sample Plots 7225/9872
9845 2D Graphics Utilities
9845 Data Acquisition Library
9845 Waveform Analysis
9845 Statistical Graphics
9845 Adv Prog ROM Lexical Tables
9845B Digital Circuit Simulation
9845B QUERY and IMAGE Utilities
9845B Text Management
9845B/C Hard Disc Utilities
9835/45 HP-85 Data Utilities
9845B/C List Management
98046A Interface Test
9845B-9111A Tools/Demo
9845 IMAGE/QUERY Demo Disc
9845 3D Graphics Utilities
9845B/C Digital Filter Design
9845C-9111A Demo Software
9845C Demo Software
9845B/C Assembly Programming
9845B/C Exerciser
Chisholm Institute CAD100
9845 Engineering Graphics
9845B/C Hi-Speed Async Terminal
Other 98X5 Software Manuals

80 Series (Software)
83/85 General Statistics Pac
83/85 Waveform Analysis
83/85 Standard Pac
83/85 Math Pac
83/85 Games Pac
83/85 Linear Programming Pac
83/85 Basic Stats and Data Manipulation
83/85 Regression Analysis
83/85 Text Editing Pac
83/85 BASIC Training Pac
83/85 Graphics Presentations Pac
83/85 Games II Pac
Information Management Pac
9895 Data Exchange Utility
86/87 Linear Programming
86/87 DBASE-II
86/87 File Manager
82950A Modem Software
24612A Diagnostics
SS/80 Disc Diagnostic
86/87 Circuit Analysis
86/87 Financial Decisions
86/87 Waveform Analysis
86/87 Math Pac
CS/80 Disc Diagnostic
86/87 SpellStar 1.21
86/87 WordStar 3.0
Visicalc Rev B
86/87 Regression Analysis
CP/M Operating System
86/87 System Demonstration
86/87 Binaries
86/87 Basic Statistics and Data Manipulation
86/87 General Statistics
83/85 File Management Pac
TERM/80 Terminal Emulation System software
WORD/80 (German)
86/87 Graphics Presentations
83/85 Data Communications Pac
83/85 Portfolio Management Pac
Perfect Pac
86/87 Action Games
86/87 Galaxy Patrol
HP-86 to PC-305 Transfer

1000-RTE (Software)
21-MX Diagnostics
L-Series Diagnostics
RTE-L ver 2027
RTE-IVB for 21MX Computers
RTE-6VM for 21MX Computers
DGL Demo Software
BASIC 1000/L
A700 Vector Instruction Sets
RTE Profile Monitor
A700 Microprogramming Package
A-Series Diagnostics
RTE-XL Master
FORTRAN 77 for 1000
RTE-A System
RTE-A Virtual Code Plus
X.25 Communication Software
RTE-A LIF Utility
RTE-A ver 6200

3000-MPE (Software)
MPE V Release 3P G.40
MPE-XL 2.2 Documentation
MPE-XL 3.0 Documentation
MPE/iX 4.0
MPE/iX 5.0
MPE/iX 5.5
MPE/iX 6.0

70 Series (Software)
75 Owner's Pac
75 I/O Utilities
75 Math III
75 Math I
75 Electronics
75 Statistics
75 Graphics
75 Finance
75 Real Estate
75 Games II
75 Text Formatter
75 Mass Media Duplication/Privacy
71B Software Developer's Handbook
82479A 71B Data Acquisition
75 Miscellaneous Programs

500 Series (Software)
9020 Demonstration Software
9020 System BASIC Software
9020 Test Software
97052B 9020 3D Graphics Binary
HP-UX 5.0 Operating System
HP-UX Technical BASIC

120/125 Series (Software)
US Operating System CP/M - 5.25
US Operating System - 3.5
DBaseII (Dutch)
Computer Tutor
US Utilities
System Programmer Pac
FORTRAN 80 v344
Condor 20-1
Series100 DSN Link

150 Series (Software)
System Demo Disc for 150
DSN Link for 150
Lotus 1-2-3 v 1A
Series 100 Graphics for 150
Context MBA for 150
Reflection Ver 1.3
9125 Disc Drive Utilities for 150
Condor 20-3 for 150
Wordstar for 150
Multiplan Demo for 150
NWA StatPak v 3.11
Personal Card File for 150
Financial Calculator for 150
150 Programmers Tools
Systems Discs for 150 version A
Diagraph and Picture Perfect for 150
HP BASIC for 150
MemoMaker for 150
Type Attack for 150
Microsoft Compiled BASIC
150 Firmware
Visicalc for 150
Various Games for 150
AdvanceWrite Plus
Zork I and III
BASIC Programmers Library
Cross Reference Utility
Lattice C Compiler
Knowledge Manager
Kermit for 150/110
LaserJet Demo on the HP-150
Etherlink/150 Software
Macro Assembler
VT100 Emulation
Extended I/O Application Software
Touch Games I
Microsoft Word
MS-DOS for the Series 100
ThinkJet Demo on the HP-150
PFS Write
PFS Graph
DBaseII for 150
Winning Deal for 150
Microsoft PASCAL for 150
Microsoft COBOL for 150
PFS File And Report
Drawing Gallery for 150
Executive Card Manager Templates
Charting Gallery for 150
8087 Coprocessor Utilities
HP Message for 150
Systems Work Disc for 150II
AutoCAD for 150
150 Loaded Hard Disc Image
Protocol Analyzer Control Demo
System Demo Disc for 150II
PC Instruments 150
HP-HIL Development Tools
Open Access for 150
RBASE 5000 for 150
Microsoft FORTRAN for 150
AdvanceLink for 150
Executive Card Manager for 150
Microsoft Spell for 150
Systems Discs for 150 version E
Wordcraft for 150
GW BASIC for 100 Series
Microsoft Windows For 150
3000/70 Console Emulator
Execudesk for 150
Graphics Gallery for 150

200/300 Series (Software)
HP Basic BPLUS 6.33 (A.01.01)
BASIC 2.0 for 200 Series
Series 200 HPL v2.0
9826 BASIC O&P Course Exercises
2622A Terminal Emulator
Introduction to Workstation BASIC
200 Series Board Test Language
SRM Software
2250 Automation Library
Digital Filter Design
Statistical Library
200 Series System Test Utilities
9835/45 Program Translator
HP9000 SRM for 9826
Graphics Presentations
PASCAL v 2.1 for 200 Series
Context MBA
Project Management
Graphics Editor/200
BASIC 3.0 for 200 Series
HP Techwriter
Pascal 3.0 for 200 Series
200 Series Games
Text Editor for 200/300 Series
CS/80 Exerciser Series 200/300
3708A Control Software
Equation Writer 1.0
Picture Perfect for 200 Series
Digital Commmunications Tutorial
BASIC 4.0 CSUB Utilities
Infax GmbH software and documentation
Infotek BASIC 4.0 Compiler
WordWise 300
98640 Verification Program
BASIC 4.0 for 200/300 Series
Diagraph For 200 Series
PASCAL 3.1 for 200/300 Series
Pascal 3.1 3D Rendering
Terminal Emulator for 200/300 Series
HP-UX 5.1 for 200/300 Series
BASIC 5.1 for 200/300 Series
Infotek BASIC 5 Compiler and Matrix Binary
Museum's BASIC boot disc for 200/300 Series
AMS Utilities for 200/300 Series
Interactive Test Generator
SRM Rev 3.2
Pascal 3.22 for 200/300
HP-UX 5.2 5.5 6.0 6.2
HP-UX 7.0
VRX Demonstration Software
HP-UX 7.0 Personal Visualizer
300 Series Mainframe Tests
Pascal 3.25
400 Series Mainframe Tests
HP BASIC Plus 6.2
HP-UX 9.0
HP-UX 9.0 Application Software
PE ME Family HP-UX 9.X
GNU for HP-UX 9.0

2700 Series (Software)
2700 Demonstration

Vectra DOS/Windows (Software)
Executive Spreadsheet
Executive Card Manager
Vectra Peripheral Exerciser
PC Instruments
Vectra CE Diagnostics
HP-IB Command Library
AdvanceMail For Vectra
HP-IB Diagnostic
Lotus 1-2-3 Ver 2.01
Crosstalk 3.6
Windows 1.03 Vectra
AdvanceWrite III F.01.01
AdvanceLink 2392
82973A Software
HP BASIC for Vectra
Portable Vectra CS Diagnostic
NewWave 4.1
Expanded Memory Utilities
PASCAL 3.2 for Vectra
Portable CS EMS Adapter Software
Windows 2.03 Vectra
Vectra MS-DOS 3.2, Utilities and Supplemental Disc
Set Up Disc for Vectra CS Portable
Graphics Gallery For Vectra
Executive MemoMaker For Vectra
AdvanceLink For DOS
82329A Emulation Module Software
Microsoft OS/2 Ver 1.1
HP Terminal Program 5.25 inch
AdvanceLink For Portable Vectra CS
Executive MemoMaker For Portable Vectra CS
VGA Utilities Disc
HP Terminal Program 3.5 inch
Set Up Disc for Vectra LS/12
Vectra MS-DOS 3.3 and Start up Disc
HP OfficeShare Network
PC Integration Products
Measurement Coprocessor SW
Vectra RS/QS/ES Setup and Utilities
MS-DOS 4.01 for Vectra
Vectra QS 3.5 Inch Floppy Disc Drive Utilities
ARPA Services 2.1
82328A Graphics Controller Drivers
RF & Microwave AppCAD
HP OfficeFax
LIF Utilities for PC
NIC Software
Reflection 4.01
OpenView Hub Manager DOS
MS-DOS 5.0 for Vectra
SVGA Utilities and Drivers
Vectra 286/386 Setup and Utilities
EzTape For Vectra
LAN Manager X 386/486
HP Software Vendor
HP ARPA SVCS 386/486
495X PC Software
OpenView DTC Manager 10.5
Advancelink for Windows/NewWave
4990A ProveView Manager
HP Instrument BASIC
OpenView For DOS/Windows
Vectra 486N Utilities
Vectra 486U Utilities
Vectra 486U UVGA Utilities
Windows 3.1 for Vectra
HP-IB Tools For Windows/DOS
NewWave Mail
LAN Manager v 2.2
Vectra Diagnostic Utility
HP VEE For Windows
MS-DOS 6.0
Dashboard for Windows

260 (Software)
Amigo Software For HP 300
250 Operating System A.03
OM/250 vA.07.00
250 Demo
250 Games
250 INP Operating System
FIN/250 for HP 250
Teletype Emulator
DSN/DS 250
250 Media Management
250 CE Cisc B.04.00
CP250 Word Processing
250 Op Sys and Utilities B.04.00
250 Query B.05.00
250 Op Sys and Utilities B.05.00
PC250 2622D Emulator for HP-150
WS/250 2622D Emulator for HP-150
WS/260 2622D Emulator
250/260 Op Sys and Utilities B.07
260 B.09 Op Sys and Utilities

Integral (Software)
MemoMaker for Integral
Multiplan for Integral
BASIC Release 5
Datacomm r1.0.1
C Language
HP-UX BASIC Utilities for Integral
FORTRAN r5.0.0
LISP and PILOT Languages
Diagraph for Integral
MicroTrak v1.4f
FORTH v1.0 for Integral
Utility Discs for Integral
Integral Games
Hack 3.1 for Integral
PlotTrack Rev 1.2b
EPROM/ROM Tools r5.0
APL Plus v3.0
Revision Control System r4.1
PC File Translation Utilities
Super Utilities r1.5
Graphics, Text and Misc Utilities
BASIC Bonus Disc
Driver Writers Disc

ScanJet (Software)
Letter Gothic Base Set
33411AC Tmns Rmn and Helv
PaintJet PrintScreen Utility
Scanning Gallery
Premier Collection Type Director
33407B FontLoad
DeskJet Soft Fonts
Scanning Gallery Plus for ScanJet Plus
PaintJet Soft Fonts For Windows
ScanJet CE Utility Disc
C2050-130XX Soft Fonts
33480A Utilities
Intellifont for Windows 3.0
Scanning Gallery Plus v5.0 for ScanJet Plus
HP Accuscan
C2053 AutoFont Discs
3Com MIO Interface Software
AutoFont Disc Doc Comp Pub
DeskScan II for ScanJet Plus, IIP and IIC
DeskScan IIP
DeskJet 550C DOS Drivers
JetDirect Software
HP Plot Generator
DeskJet 500 Series Windows 3.1 Drivers
ScanJet Copy Utility

800 Series (Software)
HP-UX 8.X Documentation
800 Series System Exerciser
HP-UX 8.02 Support Tape
HP-UX 9.0 Application SW S800
HP-UX 9.04 for 8X5
HP-UX 9.X Documentation
HP-UX 9.04 Support CD
HP-UX 9.04 for 8X7
DTC Manager/UX
HP-UX 10.20 for 9000/800
HP-UX 10.20 Support CD
HP-UX 10.2 Application SW S800
HP-UX 10.X Documentation
HP-UX 9 and 10 Extension Software for 700/800
HP-UX 10.20 Extensions 3.0

Portable/Portable Plus (Software)
MS-DOS for the HP110 Portable
Utilties Disc for Portable
110 Programmers Tool Kit
Lotus 1-2-3 Utilities for 110
HP BASIC for Portable Plus
Lotus 1-2-3 Utilities for Portable Plus
Microsoft Word Utilities for Portable Plus
Executive Card Manager Utility, Imports for Portab
Games for Portable Plus
Reflection Supplemental Disc for Portable Plus
Portable Paper Subscriber Discs
Plotter Support Disc

HP Apollo Domain (Software)
Domain 10.3 System
Domain 10.3 Upgrade
Domain 10.4 System

700 Series (Software)
HP-UX 8.07 for 700 Series
HP-UX 8.07 Application SW S700
HP-UX 8.05 Support S700
HP-UX 9.05 for 700 Series
HP-UX 9.05 Application SW S700
HP-UX 9.05 Support S700
Series 300/400/700 Demo Software
Series 300/400/700 Contributed Software
HP Basic UX 700
PE ME Family HP-UX 9.X
HP-UX 10.20 Application SW S700
HP-UX 10.20 for 9000/700
HP-UX Diagnostic/PR
HP-UX Extension Software
HP-UX 10.X Year 2000 Patches
HP-UX 10.2 Support Plus

Other (Software)
2647 Terminal Software
7090A Measurement Graphics Software
88500A Software
HP-94 S/W Development System
HP-94 Datacomm Utilities Pac
92916 Drivers
Mouse and Utilities for SketchPro
HP EDI Training
Peak 96 for Integrator II
100LX Flash Disk Card Software
Network Management Agents
OmniGo100 Strategy Games
OmniGo 100 Connectivity Pack
Pocket Quicken For OmniGo100
QCTerm 700/92 Emulator
HP Palmtop InfoBase CD

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