150 Series (Software)

Application Software
Name: HPWORD/150
Associated Hardware: 150
Introduced: 1985
Product Number: 27505 vA.00.00
Media: 3.5 inch SS/DD
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Office Productivity
Teledisk: 2.16


HPWord was HP's personal Word processing software, originally for the HP150. It was followed up in January 1987 with HP Word/PC which was an upgrade to the original HP Word/150 software and ran on both 150's and Vectras.

Click here to hear a 60 second clip from the original training tape for HPWORD/150 (525 Kb).

Special archive notes:

This zip file contains four discs for the HP Word/150 software. The Application Master Disc needs to be authorised by an original disc to work.

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