3000-MPE (Software)

MPE V 3P G.40 Boot Screen
Operating system
Name: MPE V Release 3P G.40
Associated Hardware: 3000
Introduced: 1983
Product Number: 32033-10418
Media: .hpi disc image
Original Price: Unknown
Donated by: Steve Robertson, Burnsville, North Carolina
Teledisk: 2.11


MPE V works with "classic" HP 3000 computers (pre-RISC machines) going back to 1980. This is MPE V version 3P, release G.40. It was the final version of MPE V, released in 1995. It works with HP 3000 39/40/42, 44/48/58, 64/68/70 and the small 3000s: 37, Micro, Micro LX/GX, Micro XE.

The disc image (7959B) is configured for a disc drive an HP-IB address 1 and a 9144A tape drive an HP-IB address 3 (these are the standard hardware installation defaults).

Please contact us if you would like a pre-installed hard disc image, or installation tape images of this software.

Click here to see Lee Courtney use a 3000 DUS tape.

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