200/300 Series (Software)

HPL 2.0 Screen
Name: Series 200 HPL v2.0
Associated Hardware: 200 Series
Introduced: 1982
Product Number: 98614A
Media: 3.5 inch SS/DD
Original Price: $355
Division: Fort Collins Systems
Donated by: James Geneva, Pueblo Colorado
Teledisk: 2.16


Collector's Notes:

HPL will work with many disc drives, but it only recognizes a few, including the 9885, 9895A, 8290X and 9121. For example, you can install HPL onto a hard disc (using BASIC to copy the system file), but HPL will only perform disc operations between discs that it recognizes. If HPL boots from a disc that it does not recognize, it will assume its home msus is ":I,0".

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