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Coral PAWS Discs
Application Software
Name: PASCAL 3.2 for Vectra
Associated Hardware: Vectra/IBM
Introduced: 1987
Product Number: 82311A
Media: 5.25 inch DS/DD
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Corvallis Workstation Operation
Teledisk: 2.11


This software provides PASCAL Language (version 3.2) on Vectra/IBM PCs when used with the HP Basic Language Processor board (which includes and MC 68000 processor, 512 Kb RAM and an HP-IB interface). This software allows Vectra PCs to run Pascal programs written (unaltered) on HP 200 and 300 Series computers. The bundled part number that included both the card and the software was 82310A.

The Zip file contains 12 discs:
CP1- Coral PAWS, ACCESS: 98617-10203,
CP2- Coral PAWS, ASM: 98617-10208,
CP3- Coral PAWS,BOOT: 82311-12001,
CP4- Coral PAWS, CMP: 98617-10207,
CP5- Coral PAWS, CONFIG: 98617-10204,
CP6- Coral PAWS, COPYME: 82311-12002,
CP7- Coral PAWS, DGL PRG: 98617-10213,
CP8- Coral PAWS, DOC: 98617-10212,
CP9- Coral PAWS, GRAPH: 98617-10206,
CP10- Coral PAWS, LIB: 98617-10205,
CP11- Coral PAWS, SETUP: 82311-12003,
CP12- Coral PAWS, SYSVOL: 98617-10202,

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