Peripheral Products

Digitizers/Scanners Selection:

1) 9864A Digitizer (1972)
2) 9874A Digitizer (1978)
3) 9111A Digitizer (1980)
4) 17623A Digitizer (1983)
5) 46060A HP-HIL Mouse (1984)
6) 46087A Digitizer (1985)
7) 46088A Digitizer (1985)
8) 45911A Digitizer (1986)
9) SketchPro Digitizer (1987)
10) ScanJet (1987)
11) ScanJet Plus (1989)
12) ScanJet IIC (1991)
13) ScanJet IIP (1992)


HP was never a major player in the digitizer market. The company only ever made small-format digitizers for connection to HP computers only.

However, HP quickly became a major force in the scanner market when it entered the business in 1987 with the ScanJet. HP could reasonably described as the primary industry innovator in desktop scanners during its first five years in the business. By the end of the 1990s, most desktop scanners came in the form of multi-function products (integrated print, scan, copy, fax).

HP's original ScanJet was developed at the Boise Division, and immediately transferred to the Greeley Division where subsequent development took place.

The museum has a collection of software available for download for the scanners. Click here for the software listing.

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