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Name: 9111A Digitizer
Product Number: 9111A
Introduced: 1980
Division: Greeley
Ad: Click to see
Original Price: $1950
Catalog Reference: 1981, page 648


The 9111A was the first HP digitizer to exclude a cooling fan. It was smaller, lighter and cheaper than the 9874A. All subsequent models also did not require cooling fans. The 9111A had a digitizing area of 8.6 inches by 11.8 inches. It had an HP-IB interface and came standard with a built-in stylus pen.

Collector's Notes:

9111As are fairly common and very robust. 90 percent of the units at the museum work. They are great peripherals that can be used with a wide range of computers including 9845, 80 Series and 200 Series. One of our demonstrations includes 9111A connected to a 9816 with the output from the digitizer directed to a 7225 pen plotter, rather than to the computer's screen. In this manner, the 9111A becomes a direct drawing tool (although just using a regular pen on paper would be far more simple). The digitizing pen on the 9111A is permanently attached and not modular. So, the units can be susceptible to damage when stored and transported.

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