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Name: ScanJet Plus
Product Number: 9195A
Introduced: 1989
Division: Greeley
Ad: Click to see, Click to see, Click to see
Original Price: $1595
Catalog Reference: Does not appear
Donated by: Monika Waffler, HP Australia.


The ScanJet Plus replaced the ScanJet scanner. The ScanJet Plus was a 300 dpi, 8-bit (256 levels ov gray) scanner with a maximum scanning surface of 8.5 inches by 11.7 inches). The ScanJet Plus connected to IBM-compatible PCs via a bi-directional Centronics interface and to Macintosh PCs via a SCSI interface.

Click here to see the ScanJet Plus featured on the Silicon Valley TV program "Computer Chronicles" in 1989. (54 seconds, 3.6 MB).

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