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Name: 9874A Digitizer
Product Number: 9874A
Introduced: 1978
Division: Desktop Computer Division
Ad: Click to see, Click to see
Original Price: $6200
Catalog Reference: 1979, page 623
Donated by: Australian Computer Museum Society and Jeff Burnett, Washington State.


The 9874A replaced the 9864A. It was the first HP digitizer to come with an HP-IB interface. It was even larger than the 9864A and came with an adjustable digitizing platen. The 9874A had a cursor vacuum system which kept the digitized media in place even while resting on an angle. It also came with a control keypad for digitizing numeric data and an LED display for program prompts and data display. The digitizing platen was made of glass; By placing a light source behid the platen, images could be projected for digitizing. The 9874A had an active digitizing area of 17 inches by 12.4 inches.

The 9874A was obsoleted in November of 1982.

Collector's Notes:

The unit we received from Professor Burnett in Washington was used by architecture students with advanced computer supported building visualizations on digitized site contours. It was also used to assist the visualization of a dig site where an ancient Native American village was found and is now covered with dam backwater.

It is fairly rare to find a working 9874A now. Uncommon to start with, these units are large and cumbersome. They are prone to damage from relocation and shipping. It is also unusual for a 9874A to be complete (including digizing puck, pen and magnets). The black exterior of the lead for the digizing puck is usually brittle and cracked.

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