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MicroXE (top) with I/O Expander (bottom)

3000 Selection:

Name: 3000 Micro XE
Product Number: 32545A
Introduced: 1986
Division: Office Systems
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Original Price: $29500
Catalog Reference: 1988, page 692


A continuation of the compact Series 37 industrial design, the Micro 3000XE replaced the Series 42 at a 30% lower price point. The Micro 3000XE could support up to 56 users. This computer came standard with 2 MB of memory, expandable to 8 MB. It could support up to 4.5 GB of disc storage. The Micro XE offered an optional 5-slot expansion box.

A bootable disc image of the latest software for this computer can be found here.

Click here to see Lee Courtney's video on the 3000XE.

Collector's Notes:

The museum has experienced a failure mode for the Micro XE which is not documented in the CE Service Handbook. A steady "B" shown on the character display can also indicate a fault which is not related to memory, CPU, PIC or ATP. As of 2013, these computers seem to still be fairly reliable. The museum has:

Four 2 MB memory boards, all of which are good,

Two 0.5 MB memory boards, both of which are good,

Two 4 MB memory boards, both of which are only partially good (allowing the system to boot),

Four CPU boards, three of which are good,

Eight tested ATP boards, six of which are good,

Three tested 6-port terminal controller boards, two of which are good,

Four tested PIC boards (out of six), all of which are good,

Five power supplies, four of which are good (the expander uses the same power supply as the main SPU),

An untested INP board.

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