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Name: 3000 Series 30
Product Number: 32430B
Introduced: 1979
Division: Computer Systems
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Original Price: $49750
Catalog Reference: 1983, page 601
Donated by: Greg McKay, Mt Evelyn Victoria (Series 42).


The 3000 Series 30 was the new low end of the 3000 family when it was introduced in September of 1979. The Series 30 ("Koala") came packaged in a new cabinet measuring 24 inches by 30 inches by 18 inches. It ran MPE-III and used the same Silicon on Saphier (SOS) technology found in the Series 33. The Series 30 could hold up to 1 MB of RAM and support 32 terminals.

The Series 40 ($45,550, 32445A) replaced the Series 30 as the new low-cost member of the 3000 family in November of 1981. The 3000/40 could hold up to 2 MB of RAM and support up to 56 simultaneous users. It could also connect to up to eight disc drives.

In February of 1983, HP replaced the Series 40SX with the new low-end Series 39. The Series 39 came with 256 KB of RAM. When bundled with a 7911 disc/tape drive, the Series 39 was priced at $33,940.

The Series 42 ($72,435) was added to the low end 3000 range in June of 1983. The Series 42 came standard with 1 MB RAM, disc caching, a 132 MB disc and a 1600 bpi tape drive. The Series 42 ran MPE-V.

The Series 52 (32552C, $45,000) was introduced in 1987 and had a product life of one year.

A bootable disc image of the latest software for these computers can be found here.

Be sure to see this YouTube video on how to start up an old Series 42.

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