Computer Systems

Division name: Computer Systems

Founded: 1980
Address: 19447 Pruneridge Avenue, Cupertino California.
Building 47 of HP Cupertino Campus


In August of 1980, the General Systems Division split into three divisions. The new Computer Systems Division continued with responsibility for the HP 3000 hardware and operating system. The acronym for the new division was CSY. CSY’s general manager was Dick Anderson.One of CSY's first products was the 3000 Series 44 "Grizzly" computer introduced in late 1980.The 3000 Series 44 was the top-of-the-range 3000 when it was introduced.

In June of 1983, CSY introduced the most powerful HP 3000 yet. The Model 68 could serve up to 200 users. By the end of 1982, HP had installed over 11,000 HP 3000 systems. The HP 3000 was the fifth most widely used business computer in the US. That year, HP's revenue from 3000 systems exceeded $1B, after five years of an annual compound growth rate of 45 percent. Peripherals accounted for 80 percent of 3000 system sales. Sales of HP 3000 computers alone in 1982 were $200 million, growing to $300 million in 1985.

In 1984, the CSY Roseville Operation of CSY introduced the compact HP 3000 model 37, the smallest 3000 ever. HP also shipped its 15,000th HP 3000 in 1984. In June of 1987, CSY introduced the 3000 model 930 with the new MPE-XL operating system. The 930 was the first HP 3000 computer based on the company’s new PA-RISC architecture. The 3000/930 had 75% fewer parts than the previous top-of-the-line 3000 model 70.

In mid-1985, the CSY Roseville Operation was promoted to division status and named the Office Systems Division. The new division had responsibility for developing the low end of HP’s 3000 computer line. In November of 1986, OSD introduced the MICRO 3000 and MICRO 3000XE to replace the 3000 Series 37 and 42.

In the middle of 1987, HP shipped its 30,000th HP 3000 computer.

In January of 1988, the Computer Systems Division was renamed “Commercial Systems Division”. Nancy Anderson was appointed as general manager. In June of 1989, Rich Sevcik was appointed general manager of the division. In August of 1990, the Commercial Systems Division introduced the 3000 Series 920, the new low-end of the 3000 line.

HP 3000 revenues continued to grow throughout the 1980s and reached $450 million in 1990 (not including peripherals)

HP closed the Cupertino campus in 2012.

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