Yokogawa HP

Division name: Yokogawa HP

Founded: 1963
Address: 9-1, Takakura-Cho, Hachioji-Shi, Tokyo, 192-8510 Japan
YHP Manufacturing Facility, Hachioji


On September 23 of 1963, HP launched a joint venture with the Japanese company Yokogawa Electric Works (YEW). YEW had been established in 1915 and manufactured industrial instruments, electrical indicating instruments and precision measuring instruments. By 1963, YEW employed 3000 people and had annual sales of $30 million. At the time of the joint venture, YEW accounted for about 25 percent of Japan's total instrument output. HP owned 49 percent of the new joint venture. The president of the new company was Shozo Yokogawa.

The new joint venture would continue manufacturing the electronic instruments previously made by YEW, manufacture many HP-designed instruments for sale in Japan and also handle the sale of all HP products in Japan. YHP sales were to be handled by members of YEW's current sales force as well as by people who were to transfer to the new company from Seki and Company, the manufacturer's representative firm that had handled HP sales in Japan for the previous 14 years.

In the 1970s, YHP began manufacturing HP computer equipment for sales into Japan. Kenzo Sasaoka became president of YHP in 1974. In February of 1977, YHP began manufacturing 2640B terminals in Japan for the Data Terminals Division. By the end of 1977, YHP was also manufacturing 21MX computers, the 2645 terminal and the 2631/35 printers. In June of 1977, YHP created a new Computer Systems organisation to consolidate sales, service and manufacturing of computer products. Katsuto Kohtani was named to head the new organisation.

In 1980, YHP began manufacturing HP 1000 L-Series computers and shipped its first unit on July 29. In 1982, the Computer Group accounted for 43 percent of YHP's total revenues. HP's computer business in Japan took the form of the Yokogawa Computer Division (YCD).

In 1983, HP increased its ownership in the joint venture from 49 percent to 75 percent. YHP had sales of $300 million that year, and the company employed 2,200 people (1,300 in sales, 800 in manufacturing and 100 in corporate functions).

In 1989, YHP began building a second plant in Kobe (completed in 1991). Also in 1989, the YHP Instrument Division split into two entities. The YHP Hachioji Division was led by Shigeki Mori with responsibility for YHP's analog test product line and for products transferred from the US. The YHP Instrument Operation was led by Yoh Narimatsu and had responsibility for YHP's component test products.

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