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1000, L/A Series Selection:

Name: 1000 L-Series
Product Number: 2103L
Introduced: 1980
Division: Data Systems
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Original Price: $4675
Catalog Reference: 1981, page 626


The L-Series computers came in a variety of form factors. The original 2103L was a 19-inch, rack mount computer with space for 8 I/O cards. The 2103LK ($1,850) was a 2-board computer consisting of a CPU board and a 64 KB memory module. The original bundled cabinet systems were the models 9 and 10. The 2145A ($16,600) came in a 62-inch cabinet and included two 8-inch floppy drives. The 2146A ($13,600) included only a single 8-inch floppy drive. The 2145B ($16,000) was the same as the 2145A but came in a 36-inch cabinet. The 2146B ($13,000) was the same as the 2146A but came in a 36-inch cabinet.

The L-Series Model 5 was introduced in 1981 and came in two part numbers. The low-end 2122A was an execute-only computer that came standard with 64K memory, expandable to 512K. The high-end 2142A came standard with 128K memory, expandable to 512K. The 2142A was an application development machine. Both computers came with HP-IB interfaces and dual 5.25-inch floppy disc drives (270K capacity in each drive). The Model 5 looked like the A600 Series Model 6.

The L-Series computers were based on the ill-fated silicon on saphire (SOS) technology that also plagued the HP 3000 computers of the time.

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