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98217A 9885M Disc Drive
ROM for 9825

98x5 Computers Selection:

Name: 98217A 9885 ROM for 9825
Product Number: 98217A
Introduced: 1976
Division: Calculator Products
Original Price: Unknown
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


9885M Disc Drive ROM for 9825. This ROM is required to use the 9825 with a 9885 disc drive.

Collector's Notes:

The 98217A ROM will allow you to read and write to floppy discs on a 9885 disc drive using your 9825 computer. This is great if you already have discs which have been initialized. In order to initialize a disc using this ROM, you will also need the utility tape that comes with it. This tape contains some binary files which are required to initialize discs. The museum is not aware of the existence of any working versions of this utility tape. Please contact us if you have a working tape.

The museum has archived a disc image that will work with the 9825 and 98217 ROM. You can make a physical disc from this image using the HPdir utility.

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