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Name: 9885M Disc Drive
Product Number: 9885
Introduced: 1976
Division: Calculator Products
Ad: Click to see
Original Price: $3900
Catalog Reference: 1977, page 528
Donated by: Chris Simpson, Victoria.


The 9885M was a modular eight inch floppy disc drive originally introduced for the 9825A. The 9885M accepted SS/DD discs and had a maximum storage capacity of 458K. It had an average access time of 267ms and a data transfer rate of 23K bytes per second. The 9885M included a built-in controller. The 9885S (slave) drive, without the controller, was priced at $2500. Up to three slave drives could be connected to a 9885M. 9885S drives were connected via the 09885-61607 cable.

The 9885M and 9885S also came in bundled configurations (interface card, cables, etc) for 2000/1000 computers. The part numbers were 12732A and 12733A respectively.

The 9885 was obsoleted in February of 1984.

Collector's Notes:

9885 disc drives are surprisingly reliable for their age. As of 2014 over 70 percent of the units held at the museum work fine. The most common cause of failure is a bad data electronics board (09885-66504). We also have a unit with a bad processor, I/O board (09885-66503).


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