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3000 System 48

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Name: 3000 Series 44
Product Number: 32440
Introduced: 1980
Division: Computer Systems
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Original Price: $108445
Catalog Reference: 1984, page 601
Donated by: Australian Computer Museum Society


The Series 44 was introduced in December of 1980 as the new high-performance member of the 3000 family. Code neamed "Grizzly", the Series 44 was 60% faster than the Series III and offered twice the memory. The Series 44 was priced at $108,445 and supported up to 96 terminals. The Series 44 ran the new MPE-IV operating system.

The Series 48 ($109,535) was a mid-range model in the 3000 family when it was introduced in 1983. It shared the same under-desk mounting design that had been pioneered by the Series 33. The Series 48 came standard with 2 MB of RAM, expandable to 4 MB. This computer could support up to 152 users. The Series 48 also came with a 15-minute battery back up. The Series 48 ran MPE-V.

A bootable disc image of the latest software for these computers can be found here.

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