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250/260/300 Selection:

1) 300 (1978)
2) 250 (1978)
3) 260 (1985)
4) 45122D Intelligent Network Processor (1985)


The HP 300, 250 and 260 were small, multi-user business computers that were very unlike HP's mainstream 1000 or 3000 computers. The 300, 250 and 260 did not use RTE or MPE operating systems; they also did not run on HP-UX. This series of computers was positioned as HP's multi-user business offering below the 3000 range. The 250 was introduced by HP's Fort Collins Division (then transferred to the General Systems Division). The 260 was introduced by HP's Boeblingen Division in Germany. The 300 was made at the General Systems Division in Cupertino.

The 250/260 products were fairly good earners for HP while the 300 was a failure. The 300 produced revenues of under $15M during its five year life, while the 250/260 computers produced sales of over $150M during their ten year life. More so than any other computer range made by the company, sales of these products were concentrated outside of America. Almost 80 percent of lifetime revenues from the 250/260 range came from international customers, primarily in Europe.

The museum has a collection of software available for download for these computers. Click here for the software listing.

The museum extends a special thank you to the DGX freight company. DGX sponsored our major shipments out of America in 2010 (Primarily consisting of old HP-250 and 260 systems). DGX used HP-250 systems in its business in the 1980s. For all your international requirements, be sure to visit DGX.

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