Tinker Bell Shop

Division name: Tinker Bell Shop

Founded: 1940
Address: 481 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto California
481 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto


HP outgrew its original facility, The Garage, on Addison Avenue after a little more than a year in operation. The first real commercial building occupied by the company was located at 481 Page Mill Road in Palo Alto. In 1940, HP rented this small facility from John Bell. Bell ran his business Tinker Bell's Fix It Shop from the adjacent building on the corner of Page Mill and El Camino Real.

HP operated from this small building only for a short time. Soon, HP took space in Bell's main building, eventually occupying all of that facility as well.

Like The Garage, the Tinker Bell buildings never had anything to do with HP computers. It was HP's third home that would see the company enter the computer industry. HP expanded rapidly during the war years. HP bought land just down the road at 395 Page Mill Road, and in 1942 HP built the Redwood Building. Twenty three years later, HP's Dymec Division introduced the company's first computer (the 2116A) out of the Redwood Building.

Even after occupying the Redwood Building, HP continued to use the Bell buildings until 1946.

The buildings at 481 Page Mill Road and the corner of El Camino Real were both demolished in 2009.

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