The Garage

Division name: The Garage

Founded: 1939
Address: 367 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto California
"The Garage" where it all began


The birthplace of HP was a single-car garage located behind a residential home at 367 Addison Avenue in Palo Alto, California. David Packard and his wife Lucille rented three rooms in the home. When the company was founded, Bill Hewlett lived in a small dirt-floor shed also at the rear of the residence. The garage itself was the original development lab and workshop for the company. The first HP 200A audio oscillator was built in the garage.

HP moved out of the garage in 1940 into a rented building at 481 Page Mill Road in Palo Alto. The Garage never had anything to do with HP’s involvement in the computer industry. But, it was one of only two buildings used by the company prior to the construction of the building where HP’s computer business was born.

The garage was declared a California state landmark in 1987 and was dedicated as “The birthplace of Silicon Valley” in 1989. The 367 Addison Avenue property remained in private hands until HP bought it in 2000. To its great credit, the company spent millions refurbishing the site to its 1930s splendor (using very complicated and sophisticated restoration techniques). The refurbishment was completed in 2007. For more information on this historic treasure, visit HP’s Garage History.

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