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Early 2000 Selection:

Name: 2114
Product Number: 2114
Introduced: 1968
Division: Palo Alto
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Original Price: $9950
Catalog Reference: 1969, page 104
Donated by: Danny Vandepol, Belgium


The 2114A was an even more cost-reduced version of the 2116A. It came with eight expansion slots, with an optional extender that added an additional 16 channels. The power supply for the 2114A was integrated into the same cabinet as the processing unit, unlike the 2115A. The 2114A came standard with 4096-word or 8192-word of (magnetic core) memory.

Although HP was still referring to its computers as "instrument controllers", the 2114A was squarely targetted at mainstream data processing applications. The 2114A incorporated the same architecture as the 2116A (excluding the additional expansion slots) and operated in the same wide range of environmental conditions.

Be sure to view these videos of a 2114B from The Vintage Technology Association: Detail, Summary.

Collector's Notes:

Unlike the 2116 (and most subsequent HP computers), the 2114 did not have a power supply that was configurable between 115V and 230V. Instead, all 2114 computers were designed to plug into 115V AC power sources. Option 15 of the 2114 enabled the computer to operate in 230V environments. This option included a separate, external stepdown transformer.

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