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Early 2000 Selection:

Name: 2115
Product Number: 2115
Introduced: 1967
Division: Palo Alto
Ad: Click to see,
Original Price: $16500
Catalog Reference: 1968, page 102
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Guest Exhibit Photos Provided By: Dr Michael Pearson, West Chester University Pennsylvania. Please visit

The 2115A was basically a cost-reduced version of the 2116A. The 2115A employed the same technologies and operated in the same environmental conditions as its big brother. The 2115A came standard with either 4096-word or 8192-word of memory (magnetic core). The 10 1/2 inch box below the system processor is the power supply.

The 2115A was introduced to take advantage of the large general data processing demand created by the 2116A. Computers used in general processing environments did not require the expansion bays of the 2116A. These bays were designed for connection to HP instruments and were omitted in the 2115A. An optional expander was available for this purpose.

The 2115A had a very short life. While it was on HP's price list for almost five years, it was not much in demand after the introduction of the 2114A in 1968 (when the 2115A was reduced to $14,500). As a result, 2115 computers are very rare.

The 2115A used a separate power supply called the 2161A. Product documentation in the museum includes an Operating and Service Manual for the 2161A kindly provided by Colin Eby from the UK National Museum of Computing.

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