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7910 12MB Disc Drive

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Name: 7910 Disc Drive
Product Number: 7910
Introduced: 1979
Division: Disc Memory
Original Price: $7950
Catalog Reference: 1981, page 664


The 7910 was the first HP disc drive to employ Winchester technology (Winchester technology was developed by IBM in Winchester, England). It came in desktop (7910H) and rack mount (7910HR) form factors. The 7910 had 12 MB of fixed storage capacity and came with an HP-IB interface. The 7910 was used in the original 250 (the 'A' and '/35' versions) and 300 computers with the product number 7910K when used in those 'in-built' configurations. The 7910 used the AMIGO protocol.

The 7910 was obsoleted in January of 1982.

You can use your PC's hard drive (with an HP-IB board installed) to emulate this drive with vintage HP computers.

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