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3000 935LX

3000 Selection:

Name: 3000 935
Product Number: A1061A
Introduced: 1988
Division: Commercial Systems
Original Price: $150000
Catalog Reference: 1989, page 698


The 935 was postitioned just below the 3000/950 when it was introduced. The 935 had twice the performance of the 3000/925 and almost the same as the 950. It came standard with 48 MB of RAM and could accomodate up to 96 MB of RAM, 31.2 GB of disc and supported up to 240 users.

The 935LX (P/N A1060A) had the same performance as the 935 but in the form factor of the 925LX.

The 949 was introduced at the end of 1989. It had twice the performance of the 935. It could hold up to 192 MB of memory and serve up to 400 users.

Collector's Notes:

The 3000/9X5 and 9000/8X5 classes of computers are very reliable. As of 2013, the four units we have at the museum were all fully functional.

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