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Name: 9845A ROMs
Product Number:
Introduced: 1977
Division: Calculator Products
Original Price: Unknown
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


The 9845A carried its operating system ROMs in the pluggable ROM drawers on either side of the computer (red ROMs on the left, brown ROMs on the right). Four of the eight ROM slots on each side were taken up by the operating system ROMs. These ROMs are:
- Brown System ROM 1; 09845-65540,
- Brown System ROM 2; 09845-65541,
- Brown System ROM 3; 09845-65542,
- Brown System ROM 4; 09845-65543,
- Red System ROM 1; 09845-65544,
- Red System ROM 2; 09845-65545,
- Red System ROM 3; 09845-65546,
- Red System ROM 4; 09845-65580,

The 9845A had a short life and only a few option ROMs were made for the machine:
- Mass Storage (Opt 310), 98431A; 09845-65531,
- Graphics (Opt 370), 98437A; 09845-65537,
- I/O (Opt 320), 98432A; 09845-65532,

9845A option ROMs can be placed in any of the available option ROMs slots in the ROM drawer. 9845A ROMs cannot be used in the 9845B/C.

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