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13279B Monitor

500 Series Selection:

Name: 13279B Color Monitor
Product Number: 13279B
Introduced: 1983
Division: Fort Collins Systems
Original Price: $6300
Catalog Reference: Does not appear
Donated by: Alcoa Geelong, Victoria (Keith Davey)


The 13279B was HP's high-end color monitor for the 200 Series and 500 Series computers. The 13279B had a 19-inch display area and a resolution of 1080 x 809 pixels. It connected to the 500 Series computers using the 97060A graphics controller. It connected to the 200 Series computers using the 98627A DIO interface board.

The 13279B was made by the Conrac Corporation of California. The Conrac Corporation was still going strong making displays in 2013.

Collector's Notes:

The single 13279B monitor that we have at the museum works. It's not as bright or stable as it once was, but is fully functional. We do not currently have a configuration to test it fully (high resolution with color). We connected our unit with a 98204B monochrome interface. If you have a 13279B monitor that hasn't been used in a few years, then you will certainly need to adjust it before it will produce an image. The manual is somewhat confusing on how to do this. You will probably need to adjust all of the variable resistors on the Scan PCA. The photo of the scan PCA listed under More Images shows the location of the scan frequency jumper and the variable resistors for fine tuning the frequency.

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