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98204B Mono Video Interface

200 Series Selection:

Name: 98204 Mono Video Interface
Product Number: 98204
Introduced: 1983
Division: Desktop Computer Division
Original Price: $940
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


The 98204 was introduced to connect 9920 (and 9817) computers to monochrome video monitors. The 98204A was used with the 82913A and 82912A monitors. The 98204B was used to connect to the 35721 and 35731 monitors. These interfaces can also be used to drive normal VGA monitors using a composite-to-VGA converter.

Martin Hepperle from Germany has reported options for additional modern monitor replacements for use with the 98204B. The HP L2035 can be used with this interface card. Also, the GONBES 8219 converter will provide a good-quality, though expensive interface to other VGA monitors.

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