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Name: 2333A Multipoint Cluster Controller
Product Number: 2333A
Introduced: 1982
Division: Information Networks
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Original Price: $2800
Catalog Reference: 1983, page 606
Donated by: Michael Redmond, MRFM Melbourne (2345A).


The 2333A allowed several point-to-point devices to be connected to a multipoint data line, via either a DSN/Data Link or a modem. Over the next six years, products in this range included the 2334A (1983, Grenoble Networks Division, $2,350), 2335A (1989), 2340A ($4,850), 2342A ($3,400) and the 2345A (introduced in 1986 and priced at $7,100). The 2345A was introduced for use with the new 3000/900 series computers.

The 2333A and 2334A were discontinued in January of 1990.

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