Information Networks

Division name: Information Networks

Founded: 1981
Address: 19420 Homestead Road, Cupertino California.
Overhead of HP Cupertino Campus


In June of 1981, the Information Networks Division was formed from the former Data Communications Operation and Information Systems Divisions in Cupertino. Andre Schwager was the general manager. IND was responsible for networking hardware and software products on HP computer systems. An early product out of IND was an X.25 packet-switching interface for HP 3000s (DSN/ATP). IND introduced HPWORD and the 39301A fibre MUX in November of 1981.

IND had revenues of just over $30M in 1981. It grew dramatically over three years to $160M by 1984.

IND introduced HPMAIL (HP's email system in April of 1982). Later that year, IND introduced its range of business graphics software on the 3000 including HPEASYCHART, HPDRAW and DSG/3000.

In November of 1982, two new operations were created within IND. The Office Systems Operation manager was Bruce Woolpert, based in Cupertino. The Grenoble Networks Operation was managed by Wim Roelandts. Roelandts became general manager of IND in October of 1984. Dan Warmenhoven replaced Roelandts as general manager of the division in August of 1985.

In June of 1986, IND introduced Network Services and LAN/9000 for the new 9000/840 computer. In May of 1988, Ed Muns became the general manager of IND.

IND revenue growth slowed after the early years, but reached just under $300M in 1990.

In June of 1990, the Information Networks Division combined with the Business Networks Division under Steve Markman as general manager. The new division retained the name Information Networks Division.

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