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Name: 3000 9X8
Product Number: A3116A
Introduced: 1993
Division: Commercial Systems
Original Price: $11750
Catalog Reference: Does not appear
Donated by: Ian Lawrence, Alcoa Australia


The 9X8 computers replaced the 9X7 computers as the low end of the 3000 family in 1993. The 9X8 computers had the same form factor as the 9X7 machines. The LX models were approximately the same size and shape of deskside PCs. They came with a DAT tape drive, single hard disc and two I/O expansion slots. The RX models were mountable in 19-inch racks. These computers came with twelve I/O expansion slots and could hold three internal disc drives.

Model - Minimum configuration - Max Users

918 - 8 users ($11,750) - 64

928 - 64 users ($39,000) - 160

968 - 100 users ($62,000)- 256

978 - 100 users ($81,000) - 380


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