ThinkJet Ink Cartridge

Inkjet Selection:

Name: ThinkJet/QuietJet Ink Cartridges
Product Number: 51604A
Introduced: 1984
Original Price: $10.95
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


The original ink cartridge for the ThinkJet printer was the 92261A. This cartridge had to be used with HP's special JetPaper to achieve an acceptable result. In the following years, additional ink cartridges were introduced to work with the ThinkJet and QuietJet printers. The plain paper cartridge was the 51604A. Single color cartridges were also introduced and required HP's JetPaper to achieve an acceptable result: 51605R (red), 51605B (blue) and 51605G (green).

Collector's Notes:

These print cartridges don't age well when not used. Nozzles can clog after several months of non-use. They can also leak if left unattended for longer than a few months. New printheads in their vacuum-sealed containers have a limited shelf life (usually stamped on the box). If you open an unused container a few years after the expiry date, you will usually find an inky mess.

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