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712 with Monitor

700 Series Selection:

Name: 712
Product Number: A2615A
Introduced: 1993
Division: Workstation Systems
Original Price: $3995
Catalog Reference: Does not appear
Donated by: Simon Hiscox, Croydon North Victoria


The 712 range was a very successful series for HP. These small computers packed a lot of power into a very small form factor. Except for their reduced expandability, the computers were technically identical to the later 715 range, based on the PA-7100LC CPU.

These machines came with one internal hard drive and an optional 3.5 inch floppy drive. No other internal mass storage was possible. The 712/60 ($3,995) and 712/80 ($8,820) could hold up to 128 MB of RAM, while the 712/100 could hold up to 192 MB. Rear panel interfaces included: 15-pin AUI, DB9 serial, 50-pin SCSI-2, BD25 parallel, TP.RJ45 Ethernet, three audio jacks and two PS/2 ports (for keyboard and mouse).

Collector's Notes:

These computers are a delight to play/work with. They are small and light and easy to position and move. They allow for very little upgradability, but you have most of what you need with a large internal hard disc and memory modules. The SCSI port will give you almost anything else that you need. The mounting/cushioning design for the internal mass storage devices is very clever. The hard disc is encased in a polystyrene clam shell, providing excellent mounting and vibration protection. The pop off top cover provides easy access to internal components. However, the top covers are very tight. You must be very careful when re-installing the top cover or risk breaking some of the guide tabs at the rear of the cover.

A faulty hard disc can prevent video output. Be sure to remove any internal mass storage devices before concluding that video output has failed.

These computers are fairly common and very reliable. More than ninety percent of the units we have seen have been fully functional.

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