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705 with Monitor

700 Series Selection:

Name: 705/710
Product Number: A2289A
Introduced: 1992
Division: Workstation Systems
Original Price: Unknown
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


The 705 and 710 came in the pizza box form factor. The 705 ran a PA-7000 CPU at 35 MHz and had no expansion slots. It had a maximum memory of 128 MB and came with the following interfaces: 50-pin SCSI-2, 15-pin AUI, 10Base2 Ethernet, DB25 parallel, 2 DB9 serial, HP-HIL, microphone jack and headphone jack. The 710 ran a PA-7100 CPU at 50 MHz.

Part numbers for the 705 included: A2289A, A2648A/B and A2649A/B/C. Part numbers for the 710 included: A2209A, A2210A, A2211A, A2212A, A2213A, A2214A, A2215A and A2222A.

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