Other (Software)

Software Selection:

1) 2647 Terminal Software (1982)
2) 7090A Measurement Graphics Software (1984)
3) 88500A Software (1985)
4) HP-94 S/W Development System (1986)
5) HP-94 Datacomm Utilities Pac (1986)
6) 92916 Drivers (1987)
7) Mouse and Utilities for SketchPro (1987)
8) HP EDI Training (1991)
9) Peak 96 for Integrator II (1991)
10) 100LX Flash Disk Card Software (1993)
11) Network Management Agents (1993)
12) OmniGo100 Strategy Games (1995)
13) OmniGo 100 Connectivity Pack (1995)
14) Pocket Quicken For OmniGo100 (1995)
15) QCTerm 700/92 Emulator (1995)
16) HP Palmtop InfoBase CD (1999)

The software listed above can be downloaded and used with HP computers. Much of the software held by the museum is not in downloadable form. On this page, we will catalog our non-downloadable software. In certain cases, this software is available for loan exchange.

21XX Paper Tape Software

The museum has over 250 software programs for the original HP 2000/1000 computers on punched paper tape. Many of the programs are diagnostic utilities for the various components, subsystems, interfaces and peripherals of these old computers. Many other programs are drivers for peripherals. The collection includes many different drivers for a variety of peripherals. A different driver is required for each operating system (eg RTE or DOS). It was common for a different driver to be loaded for a given operating system based on the amount of main memory residing in the computer (eg 4K, 8K, 16K). The collection also includes programming languages (BASIC, Fortran, Algol, Assembler). Click on the link below to download the 21XX software catalog on Excel Spreadsheet:


9100 Magnetic Card Software:

The Museum's only software for the 9100 is the magnetic card diagnostic that shipped with the original unit (09100-90024).

9810/20 Magnetic Card Software

The museum has a few programs on magnetic cards for the 9810/20:

09810-90021 Model 10 Exerciser
09810-90033 Typewriter Control Block Exerciser
09810-90035 Cassette Memory Exerciser
09810-90024 Printer Alpha Exerciser, Math Exerciser
09810-90068 Sample Digitizer Program
09820-90031 User's RWM Test
09820-90032 Internal RWM Test
09820-90033 ROM Test
09820-90034 Display And Printer Test
09820-90035 Typewriter (11220A PC I Block) Exerciser
09820-90036 Plotter (PC I Block) Exerciser
09820-90037 Tape Reader (PC I Block) Exerciser
09862-90002 9862A Exerciser
8660-0463 Card Reader Cleaning Card

9830 Cassette Tape Software:

The museum has 28 tapes of original software for the 9830. Click on the link below to download the 9830 catalog on Excel Spreadsheet:


HP-UX and MPE Software on CD and DAT:

The museum has a growing collection of HP-UX and MPE software and applications on CD and DAT.


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