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9845A Screen

9845A Keyboard

9845B ROM Drawer

9845T Light Pen

9845T Light Pen Connector

9845T Screen

09845-66502 9845B I/O Backplane

09845-66503_9845B CRT Alpha Control-98750A

09845-66515 9845B LPU

09845-66516 9845B PPU

09845-66526 9845B 128K RAM

09845-66527 PPU RAM/ROM

09845-66528 9845B LPU RAM/ROM

09845-66551 9845B Control Logic

09845-66590 9845B 512K RAM

09845-66555 9845B Motor Control

09845-66504 Right Monitor Connector

09845-66521 9845A Dual PortMemory Controller

09845-66522 9845A 16K RAM

09845-66523 8K PPU RAM

09845-66512 9845A Memory Address Extension

09845-66511 9845A Processor

09845-66536 Bit-Slice LPU Interface

09845-66537 Bit-slice LPU Data Path

09845-66538 Bit-Slice LPU Processor Control

09845-66546 Language RAM/ROM

09845-66573 98750 Display Logic Assembly

09845-66577 98750 Graphics Scanner Assembly

09845-66579 98750 Graphics Control Assembly

09845-69574 98750 CRT Analog Assembly

98780-66514 Sweep Assembly

98780-66521 Display Logic Assembly

98780-66531 I/O Assembly

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