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HP 3000 Series 70

3000 Series 70 Badge

30020-69009 DEV INP

30140-00170 MMA 4Mb

30140-60002 RALU REG ALU

30140-60007 CTLA CONTROL A

30140-60011 CBI CMN Bus Interface

30140-60008 CTLB CONTROL B

30140-60012 MMC Main Memory Controller

30140-60013 MCS Memory Correct Store

30140-60016 IMB1 IMB INTERFACE

30140-60026 WCS 8K Write Control Store.

30140-60172 CACX 128Kb Cache Controller

30140-69003 CIR CUR INSTR REG

30140-69004 VBUS

30140-69005 SKSP SKIP SPEC

30140-69015 IOB IO Buffer

30140-69209 DCU Diagnostic Control Unit

30140-69273 CMAX 128Kb Cache Array

30144-60001 ATP SIB

30145-69015 ATP AIB

31262-60001 CHAN GIC

30140-60014 Main Memory Array

1984 Promo Photo - 3000 Series 64

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