Quick Tour

If you only have ten minutes, click through some of the selections below to get a quick tour of museum highlights.

  1. Check out one of our old computers - the 9836. Be sure to click More Images to get a look at this classic machine from a few angles. Click on Product Documentation to check out some of the literature on the 9836. Some of our products have 40 or more documents attached. And, don't forget to view the colorful RIPPLES screen animation.

  2. Watching computers in action is like watching lawn chairs in action - not very interesting. If you have a need for speed, watch the 7580 pen plotter make a chart the old-fashioned way.

  3. If you're an HP buff, try one of our HP Quizzes.

  4. If you're a marketing person, take a look at some old TV Commercials or Print Advertisements.

  5. Click here to learn about HP's history in Australia.

  6. Click here if you want to learn about the HP Divisions that made all the magic.

  7. You've come to the right place if your're looking for some software for your old HP computer. Click here to view our software collection for the 150 Touchscreen.

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