Technical Desktops

400 Series Selection:

1) 400dl (1990)
2) 400s (1990)
3) 400t (1990)
4) 425t (1990)
5) 425e (1991)


HP acquired Apollo Computer Corporation of Massachusetts in 1989 for $476m. The purchase was not a success for HP. At the time of the acquisition, HP, Sun and Apollo each had about twenty percent of the workstation market. Sun attained outright market leadership less than 18 months after HP acquired Apollo.

The 400 Series computers were HP's first generation of technical computers to incorporate technology acquired from Apollo. These workstations were co-branded HP and Apollo and were based on the Motorola 68030 and 68040 processors. They were available in configurations that ran either HP-UX or Domain/OS (the Unix operating system of the old Apollo company).

Click here for more information on Apollo and HP/Apollo systems.

The museum has a collection of software available for download for these computers. Click here for the software listing. Click here for a listing of the museum's collection of Domain software.

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