Technical Desktops

700 Series Selection:

1) 720/730 (1991)
2) 750 (1991)
3) 705/710 (1992)
4) 715 (1992)
5) 735 (1992)
6) 725 (1992)
7) 700i (1992)
8) 712 (1993)


The 700 Series was introduced in mid-1991. It was HP's first range of technical desktop computers based on the PA-RISC CPUs, starting with the PA-7000. For the previous ten years, HP technical desktop computers had been based around the Motorola 680X0 family of CPUs (200 Series, 300 Series and 400 Series).

The 700 Series did not continue the elegant, stackable industrial design of the 300 Series. 700 Series computers came in a wide variety of cabinet styles and I/O capabilities, including HP's first "pizza-box" offering - the 705. The 700 Series machines also ushered in the end of the HP-IB era in HP desktops. These computers offered SCSI, RS-232C and standard parallel interfaces.

700 Series computers were co-branded "HP Apollo" until the introduction of the 712 range in 1993. The "Apollo" branding was dropped at that time.

Be sure to check out this promotional video on YouTube of the 700 Series introduction.

For detailed information on HP 700 Series computers and architecture, please visit the outstanding site:

If you are looking for manuals on the HP-UX operating system, utilities and applications from the 1990s, the best source is one of HP's Instant Information CDs. The manuals can be printed directly from the disc. The list of manuals on the 1997 disc is here. The list of manuals from the 1999 disc is here. Contact us if you need one of these discs. 

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