Advanced Products

Division name: Advanced Products

Founded: 1972
Address: 19310 Pruneridge Ave, Cupertino California
HP Advanced Products Division


The Advanced Products Department began its life with the 1972 introduction of the HP-35 handheld calculator (which had been developed at HP Labs). The HP-35 was the most exciting product ever introduced by HP. The APD was an immediate success and moved from 10900 Wolfe Road to a nearby leased building at 19310 Pruneridge Avenue where it experienced explosive growth. Although it was on the market for less than three quarters of the year, the HP-35 accounted for 41 percent of HP's profit in fiscal 1972 (with more than 50,000 units delivered). APD introduced the HP-80 business handheld calculator in January of 1973.

By the end of 1973, HP had sold over 300,000 pocket-sized calculators. HP's entire data products business more than doubled in 1973 thanks primarily to the new calculators.

In July of 1974, HP purchased a 145 acre property in Corvallis Oregon as the future site for the Advanced Products Division. In November of 1974, HP established the Calculator Group which included Loveland Calculators and the Advanced Products Division. This group was headed by George Newman. The handheld calculator business peaked in 1974, earning over $112M in revenue after less than three years in existence. These revenues were almost twice the size of HP's desktop computer business and fifty percent higher than HP's entire systems business.

By August of 1975, HP had shipped over a million handheld calculators. Calculators were the most successful part of the company. But, revenue was now declining due primarily to price competition from Texas Instruments. Revenue from handheld calculators was only $70M in 1978.

In May of 1975, HP purchased a 50-acre site near Sao Paulo in Brazil (Campinas) for the development of a future manufacturing site for handheld calculators (and medical instruments). Production in leased facilities began later that year. Guenter Warmbold was the general manager of the new manufacturing operation. In October of 1975, APD began assembling some of its handheld calculators at HP’s McMinnville Division, about 45 miles north of the future APD headquarters in Corvallis Oregon. APD was renamed the Corvallis Division.

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