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64000 System Software
Operating system
Name: 64000 System Software R2.11
Associated Hardware: 64000
Introduced: 1980
Product Number: 64100-12045
Media: 5.25 inch DS/DD
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Colorado Springs
Teledisk: 2.11


To boot the 64000, insert disc 2 into Drive 0 and power on the 64000. To install the software onto a hard disc (9134 or 9133, HP-IB address 0), insert disc 1 into drive 0 and power up the 64000.

If your 64000 doesn't have a working floppy drive (or you just don't want to be bothered with recreating the floppy software), we have a hard disc image (9133D) of this software. The 64000 is bootable to O/S 2.11 directly from this image. Contact us for details.

Zip file contains three discs.

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