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28663A StarLAN 10 Hub

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Name: StarLAN Networking
Product Number: 27212A
Introduced: 1987
Division: Roseville Networks
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Original Price: Unknown
Catalog Reference: 1989, page 664


HP's Roseville Networks Division entered the PC networking business in November of 1986 with its StarLAN and ThinLAN products. StarLAN operated over twisted pair cabling at 1 Mb/s. ThinLAN operated over standard coax cabling at 10 Mb/s. The original StarLAN hub was the 27212A. The original ThinLAN hub was the 28645A. The museum is keen to acquire a sample of each unit.

StarLAN was replaced with StarLAN 10 in June of 1988. The new hub (28663A) operated over twisted pair wiring at 10 Mb/s. The 27212A was discontinued in November of 1989.

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