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6944A Multiprogrammer

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Name: 6944A Multiprogrammer
Product Number: 6944A
Introduced: 1984
Division: New Jersey Division
Original Price: $3700
Catalog Reference: 1985, page 194


The 6944A multiprogrammer was designed exclusively for use with 200 Series computers. The 6944A requires the 98633A multiprogrammer interface to connect with 200 Series computers. Cards available for the 6944A included:
- 69720A D/A voltage converter ($705),
- 69721A D/A current converter card ($910),
- 69736A Timer/Pacer card ($505),
- 69750A Scan control/pacer card ($910),
- 69752A 64 channel FET scanner card ($1,210),
- 69759A 500 KHz A/D card ($2,300),
- 69770A Isolated digital input card ($655),
- 69775A Counter/totalizer card ($730),
- 69776A Interrupt card ($555),
- 69791A 64K memory buffer card ($2,000),
- 69792A Additional 192K memory ($1,500).

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