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807S with 700/92 Terminal

800 Series Selection:

Name: 807S/817S/837S
Product Number: A1751A
Introduced: 1991
Division: General Systems
Original Price: $12895
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


The 9000/807S was the first desk side form factor in the 800 Series. The 807S had a 32 MHz CPU compared to 48 MHz on the 817S (A1703A, $20,000) and 837S (A1704A, $43,000). The 807S had a RAM capacity or 64MB compared to 192MB on the 817S and 837S. The 837S offered 256KB of instruction and data cache compared to only 64KB on the other machines (32KB instruction cache on the 807S). The 807S was rated to support up to 208 users. The 817S and 837S were rated to support 368 and 432 users respectively.

Collector's Notes:

As of 2013, the museum only had a single 807S in stock. These small form-factor servers seem to suffer from the same problem that afflicts the 3000/9X7LX computers. We have (2013) a total of four of these servers in stock, and the internal SCSI bus doesn't work in any of them.

In this failure condition (which applies to all three of the units we have). one or, more commonly, all of the internal SCSI connectors won't work. The problem is related to the backplane of the computer. This functionality of the backplane is likely to fail while all other functions continue to work fine. Fortunately, even units with this problem can be made to work fairly easily. You just need to connect your internal SCSI devices to the (optional) parallel/SCSI adapter (28655A) in one of the rear slots. These adapters are very common and very reliable. This is not the prettiest solution, because you will need to run your internal SCSI cable from the outside of the computer back through the inside after you have attached an adapter plug converter for the HPDB50 connector on the 28655A.

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