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9920 with Monitor

200 Series Selection:

Name: 9920
Product Number: 9920
Introduced: 1983
Division: Desktop Computer Division
Original Price: $4500
Catalog Reference: 1984, page 602


The 9920 was the first rack-mountable computer of the 200 Series machines. The 9920 offered modular mass storage, display and keyboard. This computer's strenght was expandability; it provided 15 expansion slots. The standard model came with 128K RAM; the 9920U came with 3.07MB RAM (using six of the expansion slots for extra memory boards). Other models in the family included the 9920S and 9920T, which were also bundled configurations. The 9920 family was also known as the 200 Series Model 20, 9000 Model 220 and 9000/220.

Be sure to visit Olivier De Smet's emulator project for 200 Series computers.

Collector's Notes:

With no built-in display or mass storage, the 9920 is basically a large expansion box computer. The only problem the museum has encountered with a 9920 is dead Boschert XL200-3602 power supply (which is about the only thing available to go wrong other than the motherboard). We have seen one bad power supply in the five units we have. That supply has been swapped out with one in a 9888A shell we have and so all our 9920's are working again.

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