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800 Series Selection:

Name: 822S/832S
Product Number: A1716A
Introduced: 1989
Division: General Systems
Original Price: $19950
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


The 822S (A1716A, $19,950) and 832S (A1044A, $32,250) deskside servers were introduced as the low end of the 800 Series. The 822S had a clock speed of 25MHz with a performance of 10 MIPS. The 832S had a clock speed of 30 MHz with a performance of 15 MIPS. Both computers had a maximum RAM capacity of 128 MB.

These servers could accomodate 2.68GB of internal disk storage. Each came standard with a 1.3GB DAT back up drive.

The 842S (A1154A, $85,000) and 852S (A1155A, $143,000) were introduced in 1990. These computers had twice the RAM capacity as the 822S/832S. The 842S performed at 40 MIPS, while the 852S performed at 52 MIPS.

Collector's Notes:

The museum has an 822S and an 842S. Both units appear to be working fine. We believe this because the 4-digit display at the front of the computer gives the readout that we would expect during the various parts of the boot process. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get console output from either machine. Console output for these computers goes through a MUX card. But, try as we may, we have only succeeded in getting the odd character to appear on our terminal screen. We have succeeded in getting console output from every other 800 Series computer we have (both MUX and direct connect). Please contact us if you might be able to help us see what is going on inside these computers.

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