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800 Series Selection:

Name: 827S/847S/857S
Product Number: A1765A
Introduced: 1991
Division: General Systems
Original Price: $25000
Catalog Reference: Does not appear
Donated by: Australian Dairy Corporation, Ian Caine.


The 827S, 847S (A1766A, $65,000) and 857S (A1706A, $95,000) all had the same CPU (48 MHz) and memory capacity (16MB to 192MB). The 827S offered only 64 KB instruction and data cache, compared to 256 KB on the 847S and 857S. All three machines could hold up to 4.06 GB of internal disc storage. The 857S offered a higher storage capacity for external fibre discs. The 827S was rated to support up to 368 users. The 847S and 857S supported up to 432 and 528 users respectively.

The 867S (A1768A, $112,500) and 877S (A1769A, $140,000) were introduced later in 1991. These computers came with the faster 64 MHz CPU and were rated to support up to 768 users.

Collector's Notes:

As of 2013, the museum had a single 827S in stock. It is fully functional.

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