9120A Printer

Thermal Selection:

Name: 9120A
Product Number: 9120A
Introduced: 1969
Division: Loveland
Ad: Click to see, Click to see
Original Price: $975
Catalog Reference: 1970, page 83
Donated by: John Geremin, Megatronics Australia.


The 9120A was a dedicated printer for the 9100 calculator/computer. It was not actually a thermal printer; it was an electrostatic printer (thanks to Steve Leibson for this clarification). HP did not make another electrostatic printer, but did OEM electrostatic plotters from Matsushita in the late 1980s. The 9120A could print 15 characters per line at 150 lines per minute.

Collector's Notes:

We have not worked much with these printers at the museum. The two units we have both have degraded paper rollers (gone gooey) which require rebuilding.

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