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2 x 7937 in cabinet

Storage Selection:

Name: 7937 Disc Drive
Product Number: 7937
Introduced: 1986
Division: Disc Memory
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Original Price: Unknown
Catalog Reference: 1988, page 709
Donated by: Paul Jones, Victoria.


The 7936 and 7937 were the next generation of HP system discs to replace the "washtub" discs of the 793X range. The 7936 had a capacity of 371 MB and the 7937 had a capacity of 571 MB. Seek time was 20ms with a burst transfer rate of 2.35 MB/s. The initial models (7936H and 7937H) came with an HP-IB interface. The 7936XP and 7937XP offered an addition 2 MB cache. The subsequent 7937F offered a fibre optic interface.

The 7936/37 used the CS/80 command set.

Collector's Notes:

Given their size and age, these discs are still surprisingly reliable. As of 2013, six of the ten units at the museum were functional.

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