LaserJet 4Si

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Name: LaserJet IIISi
Product Number: 33491A
Introduced: 1990
Division: Boise
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Original Price: $5495
Catalog Reference: 1993, page 34
Donated by: Agilent (LJ4Si).


The LaserJet IIISi was HP's first real low-cost network printer. It was based on the Canon NX engine which had a maximum print speed of 17 pages per minute. It came standard with two 500-sheet input trays and had a monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages per month. The LaserJet IIISi also had an optional 1500-sheet input tray. Memory was expandable from 1MB to 16MB. The LaserJet IIISi came standard with a parallel and serial interface; it also had an additional interface slot for optional LAN cards (MIO). Duplex printing was an option on the LaserJet IIISi. The LaserJet IVSi was introduced in 1993 under part number C2010A. It was basically the 600 dpi version of the LaserJet IIISi (which had a resolution of 300 dpi). Both machine had RET. The LaserJet 4Si also had more memory (2MB, expandable to 34MB).

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